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  • WooCommerce Compatibility: 5.2.x
  • WooCommerce Engine: 3.1.x
  • WordPress Compatibility: 5.7.x
  • WordPress Engine: 5.0
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    $75 $68
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  • Additional Features Dropdown Menu, Google map, Sample content, MegaMenu, Performance Optimization
  • Coding HTML 5, JQuery
  • Features Admin Panel, Responsive, Retina Ready, Search Engine Friendly, Dropdown Menu, Sample content, Advanced Theme Options, MegaMenu, Performance Optimization, Blog, Online Store/Shop, Website Builder
  • Functionality Blog, Online Store/Shop
  • image-key-features https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/290341afa666bae2a97fb5d75e2d97db.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/3dc8dd1ca8fa71f749a8dbfb9ba67f97.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/8241e7553530183b8a7f7c3ed88d83e2.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/db23604b710cce1ae97d570ed6e1eadf.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/3a6e19858e63a537601dfa2b2aef4393.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/4019468c0df87ecd06e9627c7c0a20f5.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/5b708980cd318dfc0bcb0de5412881ed.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/b25d8c491465b7145d3fdedfcca799d0.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/a47ff5b056596eaceeb42563c14937b7.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/997335e9bdd391f5f0d2a455de9a9993.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/49808864a4aa6b220b2490d48b51969c.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/5bd8c3e0010715c76373d840b5913c56.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/d0b6da7768bd2a2df13e61a69cbe761a.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/5a1656d8fbb631483aeab0f53402bc61.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/7d54340e0365bed08a988cada209a5a4.png, https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/6132a25e3536702ebaf32dca09d87c84.png
  • Language support English
  • lastmod 2022-02-10T11:32:20-05:00
  • Web Forms Contact Form, Login Form, Newsletter Subscription, User Registration, Search Form
  • WooCommerce Compatibility 5.2.x
  • WooCommerce Engine 3.1.x
  • WordPress Compatibility 5.7.x
  • WordPress Engine 5.0
  • advImage https://s3u.tmimgcdn.com/u1519369/fedbc702dec15c8d7dd194a51c1dc196.png
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  • Tags business, corporate, information, international, journalist, magazine, media, news, newspaper, online, page, personal, political, portal, post, sports, blog, seo, newsportal, breakingnews
  • author_user_id 1519369
  • Types WordPress Themes
  • WordPress Builder Elementor Website Builder
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, WPML, MailChimp, Ecwid
  • isFree none
  • Images included Yes